Channel 4 goes Mad - - Cheltenham - Gloucestershire Counselling Service

2012-02-29 | andreaberry

Channel four have put together some very good programmes within the last few weeks covering various mental health issues. was apprehensive initially given the name of the series ( of 3) called channel 4 goes 'mad'.

The idea behind the programmes were to challenge the stigma around mental health which I believe from the publicity and feedback since the programme went out has been quite successful. The programmes hopefully made the viewer consider what a mental health issue looks like and how it manifests itself. It's about seeing the person and not the condition.

I also hope the programme may make others lucky enough not to suffer with mental health issues to have more compassion and understanding for those that do and with that consider their possible prejudices. Prejudice is born out of fear of that which we don't want to know about!

Check out the programmes on Channel 4 catch up First episode: Ruby Wax mad confessions 23rd July Don't let the title put you off. It's sensitively and intelligently done and definitely worth a look.