Sexual Conversion Therapy unethical. - - Cheltenham - Gloucestershire Counselling Service

2012-10-03 | andreaberry


I would imagine most of you have read something about this, but if you haven't  then please read the article that I have enclosed the link to on this page re: Sexual Conversion Therapy being UNETHICAL!

Can you believe there were therapists out there (and probably still are!) that were agreeing to 'cure' those clients that wanted to change their sexuality?! Or worked on the assumption which based homosexuality as a mental disorder?! Thank godness this has been finally recognised as ethically totally wrong for therapists to work this way, with these unethical wrong ideas and ways of working.

The BACP(British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) has now issued a statement to all of their registered members to say working in this way is unethical, and states 'There is no scientific, rational or ethical reason to treat people who identify within a range of human sexualities any differently from those who identilfy as soley hetrosexual'. And so say all of us! 

Lets hope that raising awareness of such bad practice stops this way of working.

Being LBGT is not an illness! Be proud of who you are.