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2012-09-20 | andreaberry

Hi again!
There seems to be quite a bit in the news lately around mental health not only in women but also highlighting the suicide rate of men is increasing.his is so sad and worrying. The main clients I tend to get are females, and the men I do get have mainly all said how they thought it weak to need to see a Counsellor! It takes a brave person to get help and take a risk on working with the unknown with a stranger. They usually eventually get to understand this and go on to do some good work. MEN.... If you can't talk to your mates, try and talk to someone else you feel safe with and trust. You don't always have to be the strong one, times have changed! I know it's difficult but take the risk, you may be surprised how you feel afterwards. If this is still too difficult then find a Counsellor that you feel you may be able to work with. It does NOT mean you are weak, You don't need to struggle on alone. Take care. Andrea