Hello again! I was thinking today about loss.There has been so much loss over the last year, in the form of lives, jobs, identity, purpose, confidence to name a few. So how do we help those who are struggling with loss? Well to start with, we need to realise everyone copes with loss in their own way and this we need to listen to and respect. What helps one person, may not help another. What works for you, may not work for them. So start by asking them, what do they need from you? They may or may not be ready to talk, but if they are, please don't just 'listen', but really 'hear', that means not jumping in with your ideas of a solution or telling them what they 'should' do. This means giving the person space to talk, without interruption and so they come away feeling heard. Let the person know you are there for them, when and if they need to talk or just meet up and 'not' talk. Be patient with the person and give them time to come to terms with their loss, we all are unique and this varies from person to person. Finally, make sure they know they are loved by you.

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Loss in so many forms

Hello again! I was thinking today about loss.

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Im pleased to say that this does seem the case!

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