Too busy to sit down?!!! Really?! - - Cheltenham - Gloucestershire Counselling Service

2012-12-25 | andreaberry

Hi sorry its been a while! So are you someone who constantly says "I'm too busy to do this or that"?! Well lets think about that. Are you reallyOr is it easier to keep yourself busy rather than to stop and have to 'be' with yourself?! We have to look after ourselves (counsellors included in this!). So make sure you put by a little time by for you every day. Even if its a lunch break, or a bath when you get home. We need time for us and to ponder and make sense of things. If you are aware that this is hard for you then allow yourself to think about this. Why is it? Whats going through your head? Try writing the thoughts down or talk to a good friend or professional if these thoughts are too difficult to deal with yourself. But don't forget 'you' in this busy world, you are important! andrea