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Here are a list of testimonials that have been given to me by my clients and my supervisees

My wife said promise me you will see someone, your depressed, well that was it, when your wife sits you down and says that to you, you have got to take stock of your life. I wasn't the same happy go lucky chap she had married. On top of worrying about holding down my job, I had lost my mum. I found it unbearable being around people. The thought of seeing a counsellor and telling them what a grump I had become filled me with utter dread. What was I going to say, what would she think. Surely there are people in worst situations than me. My wife found Andrea on her web site. I read through her profile and thought she looked like a caring and thoughtful person. When I arrived at my first appointment I was very nervous. I didn't need to be as when Andrea greeted me at the door I felt at ease. Andrea made me look at my problems from different angles and things started to fall into place right back to my childhood. Each time I left her a bit more weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt more positive and everything made more sense. It is so reassuring to know that there are people out there like Andrea to talk to. I would just like to say THANK YOU.

Andrea is the only person I have ever felt comfortable talking to about personal issues within 10 minutes. She has a calming approach to conversation and breaks every preconceived idea of lying on a couch just being asked 'how does that make you feel' she is a real and honest person and I almost felt like she could cry with me as I opened up. If you want to sit in silence Andrea won't stop you and once you begin to open up she'll guide you gently not rush you out the door.

I was a client of Andrea's for a few years and I found her to be non judgmental and very good at listening which is what I needed as I was struggling to be heard. Andrea helped me with my depression and my anxiety. I could not have asked for a better person to help and support me, I know if I ever need help again she would be the person I would call. I highly recommend her.

When I came to see Andrea I felt I didn't really know who I was, or even how to be myself! I was what everyone seemed to want me to be. Andrea allowed me to be me! With her help, understanding and patience I now have the confidence to be myself and have learnt that I actually like who I am. Thank you Andrea.

Andrea helped me through a difficult time. My anger stopped me from relating to people. I didn't know why I felt so angry but Andrea helped me to see where it came from and what it was about. It wasn't easy but through working on understanding & talking about my anger & my life I felt it seemed to make it less powerful. I am now calmer & happier - Thanks Andrea.

Andrea helped me through a confusing time. I had issues around my sexuality and felt scared to talk to my family & friends for fear of being rejected. I felt that I wasn't being true to who I really was. Through working with Andrea she helped to give me the confidence and strength to be me(the real one!), and take the risk of rejection and learning from it, that its about me being happy rather than having to conform to society and what others may want or not want me to be! I'm definitely getting there now. Thank you andrea for your understanding of how I felt.

A testimony from a previous counsellor I was supervising. Thank you D. Andrea was my supervisor, for my trainee placement, for over twelve months. I found supervision a supportive environment where I never felt uncomfortable to bring any concerns, ideas or fantasies in relation to my client work. Andrea was respectful of my way of working as an integrative student counsellor and encouraged me to feel confident in my chosen approach, whilst appropriately challenging me. She helped me to focus on the dynamics of the counselling work and gave me confidence to bring this to my clients. I always found Andrea to be open and positive and our supervision was a key element to my development as a counsellor".

A testimony from a counselling supervisee....... Thank you for your kind words Mark..... Andrea has been my Supervisor for the past 7 months. In that time I have always found supervision a supportive place. I find that I feel that comfortable when I am in supervision and that I can be my congruent self and this this is encouraged. I feel that supervision with Andrea feels like a safe place where I can bring my client work and not feel judged. Andrea has a warmth that allows me to feel very equal within the relationship and I feel that we have a good working alliance. I have learnt a lot though my supervision with Andrea. When I bring issues from my client work Andrea is very helpful and facilitates my understanding of things that I wouldn’t normally see. For example, we discuss whether the focus is on the client or myself as the counsellor. Andrea is a very competent and capable supervisor who is able to hold and manage the challenges of supervising client work. I will miss her being my supervisor.

A lovely past client has been kind enough to just send me this testimony of our work together. I would like to thank her very much for her kind words and also for allowing me to be a part of her journey. It was a privilege. From: Anon.......... I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Andrea through a very low period in my life. After discovering my husband had been having an affair, Andrea provided me with an outlet for all my emotions and helped me deal with each week as it came. She never judged me and without her I do not know how I would have coped. Through talking things through with Andrea she helped me get stronger and gain my independence back which got lost throughout my marriage and being a mother to my children. I was treated appallingly by my husband and I got the strength I needed to end my marriage and find myself again. Andrea will listen, not judge and provide support for you to work through your problems. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone facing hard times in life no matter what the circumstances are.

last year I had the pleasure of managing the building in which Andrea had a consulting room. I watched her patients over a period of time blossom in a big way. obviously I wasn't privy to what went on in the room but it always seemed that she was working some kind of magic in there. I would joke that i wanted some of whatever they were getting. One young lady in particular, we watched grow from a little timid mouse who wouldn't come on her own to a beautiful, vivacious and confident girl. Andrea helped her to let that person show and it was a treat to watch her come out of that shell. Andrea is an inspirational lady as well as clearly being a talented counsellor and it is a privilege to know her! If you need help, give her a call and trust that you will never be judged.

Andrea has been my supervisor for almost 4 years and in that time I have felt supported, encouraged and safe to be open and honest about my work. Andrea offers a respectful, warm and collaborative supervisory relationship that validates my work and challenges my thinking and practice.

I cannot thank you enough. When I first came to see you, I was in such a distressed state of mind, but after a few sessions, I felt my life has become such a better place, thanks to you. I will always be thankful to you for saving me and giving me the tools to see how beautiful life can be and to find my happiness again.

Andrea is a fantastic counsellor, I felt like she really listened and was very supportive. She is very easy to talk to and put me very much at ease. I highly recommend Andrea if you feel you need support.

Andrea was my supervisor during one of my student placements and again, a few years after I qualified and went into private practice. Andrea offered me a safe and respectful space where I was free to express myself without the concern of criticism. She gave me the support to reflect, challenge and the courage to explore my ways of thinking and the opportunity to learn, develop and grow as a counsellor and as a person.

Thank you so very much to all of my clients who kindly agreed to write the above testimonials. Andrea.

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